How many eligible adults are not currently registered to vote in Whitfield County? In Fulton County? In Echols County? This map, which shows the percentage of registered voters in a county compared to citizen voting age population (CVAP), will give you the answer. You can click on each county for more info.

It’s worth noting that around 20 counties (rapidly-growing Metro ATL counties and small South GA counties, mostly) are skewed via this measurement. There are a couple of reasons for this.
1) The three sets of data used are collected across a five-year span. CVAP data is collected from the Census for a period spanning 2011-2014; the VAP (voting age population) data is from 2015 and the voter registration figures are from the Secretary of State’s most recent update. Unfortunately, these are limitations due to how and when Census data is collected and updated. Counties that are growing very rapidly (e.g., Forsyth & Cherokee) have added thousands upon thousands of new residents in between the 2011-2014 CVAP measurement and the 2016 voter rolls. This means that the percentage of CVAP who are registered voters will appear higher than in reality, because their CVAP populations have grown markedly in just the past few years.
2) Prison populations. These figures by county are very hard to find; they can be found by location, but it’s a major pain to reorganize that data for each county. Some smaller counties have state prisons there that are anywhere from 20-30% of CVAP for the county. Because these people are not eligible voters but cannot be easily filtered out of the numbers, the percentage of CVAP who are registered voters will appear lower than in reality. Only around one dozen smaller, mostly South GA counties are impacted by this skewing.