What do I find in this manual? This Charter Renewal Manual outlines the timetables, key roles, milestones in processes and common challenges. Use this guide with the resources found on this page, as well as the internet rechartation tutorial and your district commissioner`s staff to submit your Charter Application (CRA) charter without delay and without error. In addition to the renewal of the Single Charter, the new charter is one where all young and adult members (leaders) renew their membership in the BSA. Renewing the enthusiasm of members is the bulk of the work. Each year, when your unit collects contributions or fees in whole or in part for members, this collection is often also done with Recharter. Your device should also complete the application for the Journey To Excellence Award. The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) issue a charter through a local council to a Chartered Organization (the Church or any other organization that owns your unit). The Charter is a formal agreement that allows the organization to use the scouting program to serve youth in their communities. The BSA requires that the Charter be renewed annually so that it can continue to use the program. We call this annual renewal “Chartering.” What if I don`t get the charter renewal before November 30th? More information can be found in the FAQ on the 2021 contribution changes.

More NCAC rechartering information will be updated. Check for updates frequently. The annual new dues as of August 1, 2020: you can only restart an adult member of your Scout unit if they are current in the training of the protection of minors. The training is provided online at my.scouting.org (not familiar with My.Scouting.org? Visit this page to learn more) and must be renewed every two years. To complete the training for minor protection, just find all the videos to recharter updates of this playlist on our Council`s YouTube account. Why is a charter renewed every year? Charters are generally issued for a period of one year; As a result, chartered organizations must submit an application to the Commission each year to renew their charter. The application to renew a charter: the new charter of your unit will be presented in our Council office until November 30. If you need help, we have commissioners available in the Fickett Center the following days and hours to help, answer questions and check if your new charter is complete: before you start the new internet charter, read the manual above, collect all members` information, including new member requests with the corresponding signatures. You will find other instructions for the use of internet chartering in the help and in the tutorial and in the frequently asked questions (FAQ). Note: Membership dues have been changed in 2020. The new taxes are welcome: all registered adults participate in the Child Protection Training (YPT) at least every two years.

If a volunteer`s YPT is not up to date during the renewal of the charter or if it expires during the charter renewal process, the volunteer cannot be registered. Successful districts and units separate YPT updates from charter renewal, so waiting for YPT to complete does not delay renewal. Such units choose a month as May and ask all adults to take back YPT if their expiry within the next 12 months. Units should not wait until it is time to renew the unit charter to ensure that all YPTs are current. Unit Key 3s must check the YPT status of its unit. Let all adults with expired ypt or YPT who expire during the charter extension (run before or 30 days after the charter expires) go to my.scouting.org and take the training before starting the charter renewal process! Print and send your updated YPT certificate to your recharging processor if necessary.


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