13.3 Full agreement. The contracting parties agree that this agreement, along with the applicable agreements, will be exchanged during the ordering process, the full and exclusive declaration of the agreement between the parties, which replaces and will merge all proposals, agreements and other written or written or written agreements between the parties with respect to this agreement, both comprehensive and exclusive, of the agreement between the parties, unless it is agreed in writing. Orders are intended exclusively for the definition of quantities, prices and description of bids under this agreement and are included only under this agreement and all other conditions in the orders are refused. We are committed to providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision, whether you want to visit our website or use any of the other services and want to voluntarily provide personal data or information. If you have any questions about this privacy policy, we advise you to email us contactus@axure.com (delete spaces). For subscription licenses, you can upgrade to Team and Enterprise at any time. The remaining value of your subscription will be applied to the upgrade fee. B) Open Axure 8 and go to the help -> Licensing Management. You can use the tabs to see if you have an unlimited subscription or license key. Axure RP is sold as a licensed product under the terms of the customer agreement. 1.1 “agreement,” Axure`s applicable customer agreement and, if applicable.

Axure`s offer. In the event of a conflict between the terms of this agreement and an applicable offer, the agreement has control and the regime. If you are a teacher interested in using the Axure PR team for a class, we provide you with an education license key and a second education license key for use on classroom or lab computer. See below for permission. Volume prices are available. For more information, please contact sales@axure.com. Teachers receive a license key for their own computer and an additional training key for on-campus computer labs. 3.9 Data protection. All personal data and other information you provide while using cloud services, as well as Axure`s collection and maintenance, is subject to Axure`s privacy policy www.axure.com/privacy. If you can`t find your license email, you can check your license information on the Axure licensing portal or send a help E-Mail-support@axure.com. If you participate in an extension/certificate program, your teacher can request sales@axure.com by email to request a temporary license key that you can use during the 2.1.5 Educational Seat Licenses course.


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