All deadlines stated in this article may be extended by mutual agreement. 7.9 In the event that the member has not taken appropriate measures to eliminate the negative effects of the grant or to withdraw the subsidy within six months of the adoption of the panel`s report or the appellate body`s report, the DSB gives the complaining member permission to take action. , depending on the degree and nature of the adverse effects, unless the DSB agrees to reject the application. The competitiveness of an export product lies in the fact that exports of this product by a developing country have reached at least 3.25% of the world trade in that product in two consecutive calendar years. Export competitiveness is either (a) based on the notification of the member of the developing country who has achieved export competitiveness, or b) on the basis of a calculation made by the secretariat at the request of a member. For the purposes of this paragraph, a product is defined as the title of the harmonized system nomenclature. The committee is reviewing the application of this provision five years after the WTO agreement came into force. Schedule I measures as export aids are not prohibited under this or any other provision of this agreement. An application in paragraph 1 is dismissed and the investigation is closed immediately as soon as the relevant authorities are satisfied that there is insufficient evidence of subsidy or prejudice to warrant the continuation of the case. In cases where the amount of the subsidy is de minimise or where the volume of imports subject to subsidies, real or potential or prejudice, is negligible, the amount of the subsidy is immediately terminated. For the purposes of this paragraph, the amount of the subsidy is considered de minimis if the subsidy is less than 1% ad valorem. . cancel or interfere with benefits that are paid directly or indirectly to other Gatt members under the 1994 GATT, including the benefits of the concessions linked by Article II of the 1994 GATT; Paragraphs 10 and 11 provide for any de minimis provision in Article 15, paragraph 3, to exempt or cancel indirect taxes other than those levied for the production and distribution of products related to the sale for domestic consumption, for the production and distribution of exported products.

Members are aware that, in the territory of some members, disclosure may be necessary on the basis of a restricted protection decision. Article 4 does not apply to a member of a developing country for export subsidies that comply with paragraphs 2 to 5. In this case, the provisions of section 7 apply.


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