2. The tax payable under (g) is only 500expatriation if the tax is already paid in accordance with Article 5 (g)) of the residential development contract of more than 300 m2 If you enter into a contract, there are several ways to minimize your liability for stamp tax. For example, you do not include a compensation clause unless necessary. A compensation clause in Bangalore means that you must pay an additional stamp duty under Article 5 of the Karnataka Stamp Act. f. (i) for or without consideration and permission to sell real estate The contents of the instrument indicate the amount of stamp duty payable. The title of the document is not the true indicator of brand value. The contents of the document must be taken into account when determining the stamp duty payable. The same tax on the amount covered by Instrument 2.4 When a deed is drafted in such a way as to be included in the scope of more than one Article in Schedule I, it is imposed under this section which levies the highest amount of stamp duty. Syndicated loans are very common for credit transactions. With respect to large loans, only one bank may not be able to grant the loan itself. Therefore, the loan is matched so that two or more banks agree to lend to a borrower on common terms, governed by a single agreement between all parties.

Similarly, a common agent is appointed to obtain and maintain the guarantee provided by the borrower, held in favour of the common lenders. The issuance of stamp duty on the mortgage that the borrower made available to a trustee for the benefit of union lenders was imposed in the case of the Chief Controlling Revenue Authority v. Coastal Gujarat Power Ltd. and others. The Hon`ble Supreme Court held that a mortgage deed with the security agent to guarantee the loans of several banks would be considered a separate transaction and would be liable for stamp duty, as if separate mortgages were registered for each of these banks/lenders. The information you have given about the stamp obligation is very important information to me, and people like to read similar information, thanks for exchanging your information. Lands/buildings are land, machines installed on the site (fixed to the ground, can be considered land depending on the degree of durability of the installation and the purpose of the installation and the attachment of the machine. For example, a fertilizer facility to be sold with the land in a break-in sale may be considered land if the facility has always been expected to remain permanently fixed on the land.

When cutting an instrument, the following essential aspects should be taken into account: therefore, the contractor is required to take into account, before calculating stamp duty, the whole character of the instrument, including the various mixed aspects of the instrument.


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